Results Orientated Development

Crafts is a Lithuanian development company focused on creating successful online businesses. We are a team of programmers, designers and business developers that can lift your business online. With offices in Copenhagen, Vilnius and Šiauliai, we are working with several international brands. We specialize in e-commerce, custom web development and affiliate marketing.

Costs Effective Development

Crafts has a number of Senior Front-end and Back-end Developers who worked with a number of high standard projects. Our combined experience allows you to focus on the business development and clients while we ship you a high quality code.

Wisely grow your E-Commerce business

Competition in an E-Commerce field is very high. Our experience frees your hands and let you focus on the core business while we support you on the development and know-how sharing. No matter if you go for a niche market with a few units or a big 1 millions plus stock portal we are here to share our past experience.

Featured companies we had a pleasure working with

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Why to work with us?

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    With a team of 8 in-house developers we are sure that we will deliver on time and quality. We have a get-things-done attitude without us compromising the work quality.

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    In our team there are both Front-end and Back-end developers plus UI/UX experts. We are building for our clients and for ourselves, therefore we can build you products that actually work.

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    You only pay for what you get. We stick to agreements and keep you updated from start to finish.

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    Value for Money

    Our full focus is on delivering code into profitable businesses - on time and within the agreed budget. If we see what doesn`t look logical for us - we interact you and figure it out (instead of simply shipping the code and not caring on your business growth).